“Bringing History to Life”


The Southwest Living History Association (SWLHA) is a 501( c ) 3, non-profit living history organization dedicated to educating the public and our members about the Revolutionary War and American Civil War. Through membership in the SWLHA individuals have the opportunity to and the impact each have to this day. We present portions of the past in educational drama at reenactments, through which the spectator, as well as the participant, discover and learn more about America’s history and the people who lived during the 18th & 19th Century.

Living history is our hobby and is one of the most dynamic mediums available to those in pursuit of the past. A reenactment is a gathering of period personalities living and working within the event to offer multiple points of view and interests. Our members wear authentically reproduced clothing, utilize black powder weapons, cook over open fires and sleep in canvas tents while they participate in battle reenactments and military or civilian life. Many speak in the manner and use the etiquette of the mid-19th century, they write in journals of their experiences and work in 1st person at events -- all in the name of "living history".

The SWCHA coordinates events throughout Arizona and supports events by participation in adjoining states. Events coordinated by the SWCHA are organized by reenactor coordinators and approved by its board of directors and planning committee for its yearly reenactment calendar.

As an organization dedicated to living history, the SWLHA is always looking to expand into other time periods and historic American events. To that end, we have recently added units such as the 7th Co’y, Brigade of Guards Royal British forces and the Morgan’s Rifle Company representing British and Colonial forces of the American Revolution. The largest Revolutionary War Reenactment in the Southwest is held at Pioneer Village at the SWCHA’s annual “Rebels & Redcoats” weekend.

If you have the urge to step back in time for that split second when you really feel like you are there, if you want to recognize the sacrifice our ancestors made by following in their footsteps in this way, or if you are interested in learning about the intricacies of the 18th and 19th century's by utilizing the knowledge of others as well as your own research to portray a character of these fascinating eras, explore our pages and get involved in this most unusual hobby by joining a unit today!


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